Bespoke Websites

To encourage as many visitors to your site as possible, you need as much interesting content as possible. This gives your visitors all the encouragement they need to frequently return to your site and tell their friends and colleagues about it.

Create interest

To create interest, more sophisticated or ecommerce websites might also require

  • a shopping cart and credit card payment system,
  • an online booking or reservation system,
  • a blog,
  • a survey or questionnaire system,
  • a polling application,
  • RSS content,
  • a forum or discussion board.

To manage such features, more sophisticated sites will need extra functionality in the back-end administration system. Also, some sites require areas that are password protected, and only accessible using a supplied user id and password.

You might even want to earn money from your site by having relevant advertising placed automatically on it using Google Adsense or other providers, or have affiliate programs with Amazon or other online retailers. Of course, these features take a bit longer to add, so they are at extra cost.

We can also include Flash, video or other multi-media content, but these take a bit longer as well, so are also at extra cost.

So for more complex sites, ecommerce sites, or those that need special images, we are happy to discuss options and prices with you once we have established your exact requirements.

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